Working in Ethnic Media

Courtesy of Julie Ha, former editor-in-chief at KoreAm Magazine

Courtesy of Julie Ha, former editor-in-chief at KoreAm Magazine

In the past few weeks, I've been looking into what it's like to be an ethnic media reporter. I've been speaking with journalists and different ethnic groups to see what kind of stories need to be covered in these small pockets of communities. I wrote a profile on one journalist, Julie Ha, who is currently a contributing editor for the KoreAm Journal based in Gardena, Calif. The magazine originated in Los Angeles and was founded by James Ryu, who is the publisher, along with a sister publication called Audrey Magazine, that focuses on Asian American women.

When I decided on profiling Ha, I was curious to know her background more so than her time at KoreAm. I learned that she's a second generation Korean American, which is something I can relate to being a second generation Indian American. We both don't speak our native languages, don't have accents, and grew up in a very suburban, primarily white areas.

It was also unique in that she had the luck of experiencing both mainstream and ethnic media. I thought that it was ideal for her to have both backgrounds, so now she can fill in the gaps of each kind of platform.

Speaking with Ha was actually one of my favorite interviews thus far because I got to really hear about someone's passion and see how enthusiastic she is about it. Hearing about her inspirations were actually inspiring to me as well.

My coverage on Julie Ha, an ethnic media reporter