The Talos Principle: An Extension of Humanity

In ancient Greek mythos, a man made of bronze was forged to protect Princess Europa on the island of Crete. Named Talos, he exhibited all the behaviors of a human, though he was not made of flesh and blood. Composed differently, would you still consider him to be a conscious, living being?

The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle platformer that raised this very question, guiding players to the possibilities of what it means to be human. Not only does it force you to rationalize, it allows you to consider your own belief system or convince you otherwise.

This is still just a game, but it could change your life.

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Are Violent Video Games Linked to Aggression?

As long as video games have been around, parents and government officials have raised multiple concerns on whether video games are too violent. After certain mass shootings, such as Columbine and other more recent incidents, similar questions were raised as well. Are video games linked to aggression and violent behavior in these recurring incidents?

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Journalistic Work Ethic Translated into Life-Long Passion for Gaming

The main credo in journalism is objectivism. As a journalist, I tend to follow that. As a science reporter, I am especially critical of research and methodology, as those too must be objective and free of conflict of interest. As a gamer, I approach all games with an open mind and forethought of the industry. It is somewhat hard to describe one's self as an "objective gamer," but I do play a wide variety of games. And if I were to tear down my journalistic walls for just a second, I would say I love games. I love all kinds of games. I would love to be paid to play games and express my own opinion through writing. The fact that these jobs exist means something important to both the game and reporting industries.

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