Oh, hello.


My name is Rashmi Shivni (you can call me "Rush"), and I'm a science and technical writer. I love science and always had broad interests in STEM fields, so I started my career as a science journalism. I've reported on particle physics experiments, veterinary medicine, microbiology research, and astrophysical discoveries. As a storyteller, I often report on these hard sciences using narratives about the characters in the lab, in the field or at the microscope. In all honesty though, my true passion is astronomy and cosmology: Not only do I want to build my scientific literacy and write more about interplanetary and interstellar topics, I hope to someday pursue a degree in astrophysics and contribute to the field.

Beyond my overall passion for STEM, I always want to improve my skills as a reporter and try different modes of storytelling. At the internships and freelance work I completed so far, I've gained tons of experience reformatting STEM stories into videos, photo essays, and social media stories. Usually, I package my stories using many, if not all, of these media at once to provide many different perspectives.

When I'm not busy writing and reporting, you can find me consuming foreign media while sipping exotic teas, binging on obscure, complex music or snuggling with my kitten named Sunspot (aka Sunny).

Please feel free to peruse my portfolio. I am always open to collaboration on art, writing, and science projects. You can find my contact information on my "résumé" page. Also, ask about my social media accounts while you're there!