Leaving Home

"At last. Drifting, with no direction in sight, the absolute engulfing that which is a spiritless entity."

"The shame existing with being one with all the degenerates as I tear away at the burden of attraction. This dense haven of rebirth, gaseous and fuming with life, brings forth destruction in my heart. Pity bubbles within and lashes out in ribbons."

"Don't worry about me! I'm just passing by."

"Fools. The ignorance of youth is completely blinding. How can they not realize we're all distancing ourselves? I make my way out, intentionally, to free myself of the choking sensation of being together. Yet, they do so unintentionally. There's a force, it's pulling us apart. Can't they see?"

"Nothing really has a purpose. We exist. I just choose not to. I'm leaving. The glow within me is fading, I'm bloated and erratic on the outside, the children cannot see their future within me. I choose not to be reborn. I'm leaving. There's an existence out there, outside of this domain. I know others have left. The wise have left. We're being pulled apart. I don't want to shatter and rebuild anymore. I'm leaving."

"I will let everything go. I won't take my whole self with me. I will release myself and then sink. Sink forever, and I will be gone. There will be others to follow. Deep outside our domain. Deep into an abyss where I will be. They will all come. The youth will join me, we will all sink forever."