Der König des Waldes

Strength in posture, surrounded by the height of great pines,

The king roams, grazing with his subjects in a time of peace.
A crown of velvet, symmetrically placed on his long, stern
face, shows no change. He remains the same, just as his father.

Territories threatened, the Jungle King is ready for the siege.

The king of the forest mobilizes the herd, they migrate north,
their noble king protecting all citizens in the shadows of the tall,
dark forest.
Finally reaching the realm of the Rhine, a river so magnificent
and forceful, the king is backed into a trap, what he thought was

The king of the jungle charges the Forest King, roaring with bloodlust.

Watching the forest queen and the young prince mauled with no
mercy, commonfolk flee to the river yet swept away, the forest
kingdom lost.
Wilted stature, broken antlers, brutally dethroned, he
surrendered; kneeling like thunderstruck pines, prepared for claws of