Tangled mess of extensions deep within soil,
please cease sinking in sadness.

The children grow outside, where you will
never watch them, teach them, love them.

Your body stands tall, wisping around when the wind calls.

Do you not know your purpose, flooded by darkness?

All because you keep them grounded.
What more are you than an anchor?

Trees are free creatures, they witness the world.
They never walk away though. They don’t try to think of you.

Are you there to keep them from walking away, let them just sway?

Do they know what you do for them, do they know your role?

You’re the heart and soul, but your body can’t detect you.
Your loneliness digs deep. Your body is anxious.

No resolve, always neglected.
Surface yourself, seek the light and be known.

Never decay, never wither.

Bring yourself up and just walk away.