In Your Primal Dream

At first alone, cowering in the bushes, you find an opening within
a vast, emerald forest with a grand waterfall. It is there, all to

You bathe, playing with your flowing, weightless hair, pretending
to be a mermaid in blue-tinted space. Microscopic plankton are your

As you exit the flowing aquaverse, hunger strikes as the sun beats down
on you. Finally, the coo of a wild bird replaces thought with immediate

You leave to gather and hunt. In the midst of pursuit, untamed beasts
are intrigued by your foreign scent. They frighten you, you don’t want
to hurt them.

Scurry away, you find your bush. The growl is getting louder. The bush
contains rotten berries and cherries. You just want savory flesh, but you
eat the fruit.

For the first time, you realize you’re alone and forget how nice
it was to feel true freedom. Anger and resentment for leaving the clan
haunts you.

Run around, your bare skin all smudged again, with no shame.
Can’t comprehend your own thoughts and words. Not only confusing,
but unknown.

Whoever you once were, was lost in the woods a long time ago.
Until, finally, you run into someone. Another refugee from a clan he did
not fit into.

Naked and shaken, but feeling most free. A bond can bring you back,
you’re no animal. Yet still, you are both eons apart, and he won’t get his
chance at instinct.